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new type stone polishing pads

Item No.: STPP07004
installed on grinders and used for high gloss polishing of granite, synthetic stone, engineer stone etc
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Flexible diamond polishing pads with cross design installed on grinders and used for high gloss polishing of marble, synthetic stone, engineer stone like counter tops, floors, slabs and walls. Wet color ones could be used on marble and stones with light colore. While those colored stone polishing pads are used on granite and other colored stones.



The diamond polishing pads are with super good flexibility.

Our resin bond diamond polishing pads performs all tasks while leaving an excellent polishing on the stone.

Wet diamond polishing pads with grit of 50#, 100# and 200# is with aggressive speed

And flexible diamond polishing with grit of 400 is used for hone finish than a grind or finish

The 800#, 1500# and3000# are used as polishing steps to get a finish or shiny look of the stone.

Can be used either dry or wet with our stone diamond polishing pads.

The new design of diamond polishing pads last long during polishing.


Size and Grit Available:

50# 100# 200# 400# 800# 1500# 3000#