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electroplating diamond cutting disc

Item No.: EPSC020
used for the cutting of glass, stone especially marble etc.
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Application: the electroplating diamond cutting wheel is used for the cutting of glass, stone like marble, precious stone, and other hard material etc.



Maximum diamond particle size exposure. Electroplated diamond products usually have a single layer of diamonds, held by a tough durable nickel alloy.

Good Form Holding Characteristics - hold simple and intricate forms for the entire life of the tool or wheel, from first grind to last.Electroplated diamond products are ale to retain their original shape and dimensions thought their working life.

Free Cutting Action - better removal rates and less thermal damage to the part. Unlike sintered (meal bond) or resin bond diamond products, where diamond particles are buried in bond and held together by metal or resin binder deep inside.

Color: silver/gold

Size Available:

diameter:  150mm(6”), 180mm(7”)

inner hole size: 22.23mm ,25.4mm

segment width: 10mm

Grit:40/45#, 50/60#

other sizes could be offered upon requirements.