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3-Step polishing pad for ceramic-dry

Item No.: 3TDC001
Application: installed on grinders and used for ceramic polishing
1st step: aggressive grinding
2nd step: quick polishing
3rd step: high gloss
  • 3-step dry polishing pad for ceramicDownload

3-Step Diamond Dry Flexible Polishing Pad for Ceramic


The diamond polishing pad is installed on grinders and used for quick polishing of marble, synthetic stone, engineer stone, ceramic, porcelain etc.

1st step of the polishing pad is used for aggressive grinding of ceramic

2nd step of the diamond polishing pads is used for quick polishing

3rd step is the last step of diamond polishing pads which can do high gloss and fine finish of ceramic surface.



Our resin bond diamond polishing pads performs all tasks while leaving an excellent polishing on the stone.

The 3-step diamond polishing pads are with excellent polishing speed.

The 3-step diamond flexible pads will do a finish or shiny look of the stone.

Use our 3-step diamond polishing pads if you wanna a super easy polishing on stone surface.

The 3-step diamond polishing pads can be used either dry or wet.


Size Available:
4”(100mm), 5”(125mm)