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Vauum brazing continuous saw blade for stone

Item No.: VBSC001
Used for dry cutting of stone like marble and granite, tile and glass
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Continuous Rim Vacuum Brazing Diamond Saw Blade for Ceramic, Granite, Marble and other Hard Stone



Vacuum brazing diamond cutting blade is a versatile cutting blade, which can be used for aggressive cutting of various stone like marble, granite, tile, glass and other hard material.

The vacuum brazed diamond cutter could also do grinding while cutting.


Size Available:

Item No. Diameter Arbor Thickness Rim width
VBSC001004 4”(100mm) 7/8”-3/4”-5/8” 1.2mm 10mm
VBSC001045 4.5”(115mm) 7/8”-3/4”-5/8” 1.2mm
VBSC001005 5”(125mm) 7/8”-3/4”-5/8” 1.4mm



Vacuum brazing diamond saw blade is with 70% exposure of diamond particle makes the cutting blade super aggressive

Vacuum brazing technology makes the diamond with strong banding, never worrying about diamond dropping off during cutting. That is also the reason why vacuum brazing diamond blades could last long during cutting.

Aggressive speed of the vacuum brazed diamond cutter make the cutting super smooth, there gonna be little chipping during cutting.

And Service life of vacuum brazed diamond cutting wheel will be 3-4times longer than that of electroplating diamond blades.

Vacuum brazing diamond saw blade could be used either dry or wet.