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What Makes a Good T.C.T Wood Cutting Blade?

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Update time : 2017-07-26 12:09:28
  1. Size of alloy, which is the working part, should be even and big, only this way can the wood cutting blade work in long life;
  2. Welding of the shank and alloy should be strong, welds should even and thin to bear strong cutting force;
  3. Quality of the shank should be very good. For the shank need to pass the cutting force and keep stable cutting at the same time. A good saw blade is not only keep good size precise in statistic but also in dynamic state. When the T.C.T. wood cutting blade works, heat caused by cutting will be passed to the shank, good shank will still keep good size precise while deformation will happen to bad quality shank, cutting precision will be affected much in the end. Shank quality is much more important in multi-cutting situation.
  4. Qualified shank and alloy are inseparable in a good T.C.T WOOD CUTTING BLADE.