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Single Layer Vacuum Brazing CBN Grinding Wheel for High-speed Grinding Purpose

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Update time : 2017-08-22 16:10:29
High-speed grinding is usually used in processing some material like Ti-alloy, high temperature alloy etc. Adopting high-speed grinding technology, not only can we get high surface quality but also can we increase material removing. During the recent decade, results we have achieved in high speed grinding technology have helped a lot in improving aerospace technology and defense technology, which also makes itself the main direction of grinding technology.
However, a CBN grinding wheel with super-good quality is the key for high speed grinding. According to kinds of researches, vacuum brazing CBN grinding wheel is qualified in working efficiency and abrasive grit bonding strength; it is believed to have a wide future in grinding those alloys.
However, during the production of vacuum brazing CBN grinding wheel, high temperature is a necessary producing factors which is even higher than as 900℃, during production, shank of the CBN grinding wheel may changed because of high temperature and grinding precision will be thus decreased, the defect thus weakens the position of CBN grinding wheel as precise grinding tool.