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safey instruction about T.C.T saw blade installation and operation

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Update time : 2017-06-27 15:08:09
T.C.T circular saw blade is a main wood working tool in kinds of wood or board processing. But one need to know the how to install and use such wood working tools safely:
1. Basic Requirement:
Choose right blade based on the machine
Machine protection is a must like cover, emergency switch, overload protection
Machine must be operated by professional workers who should wear eye protection, ear protection, etc.
Workers should not wear gloves, long hair must be hidden in the hat, watch your ties or sleeve for dangerous
Away from water or fire

2. Installation Requirement
Machine is in good situation, there is no deformation of main bear. Fix the blade to the right place, there is no wobbling
Check the blade to make sure there is no damage, segments are complete, shank is flat, etc.
Make sure rotation direction of saw blade and machine is totally same when installation starts.
Makes sure the bear, chuck and flange are all clean before installing. The size of flange including diameter and inner whole should be the right size based on the blade
After installation finishing, make the machine idling for minutes to check the rotation direction, vibration problem and sliding problem.

3. Operation Requirement
Fix the work piece tightly, and make sure its location is right with rotation speed to avoid abnormal cutting. No side pressure or curve cutting. Make sure stead feeding to avoid blade broken or work piece flying out and cause damage to people.
Once is abnormal sound or vibration during operation, or there is some peculiar smell, operation must be stopped right away. Check the machine after stopping to avoid accident.
Quick feeding is forbidden at the beginning and end of cutting to avoid segment crack or blade breaking.
Professional cooling fluid is asked when cutting aluminum to avoid overheating of blade.
Make sure chipping sliding tank and other chipping vacuum device work well.
Please do not do dry cutting for long time in case of blade damage or bad cutting effect. Be careful of leakage in case of wet cutting.