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Improve National Diamond Stone Tools to a New Level

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Update time : 2017-08-29 16:53:59
China has become a big country for diamond powder production, stone products and ceramic products. We got tens of thousands of diamond tools factory, also there are many places which have diamond tools factory gathering together: like Shijiazhuang in Hebei Products, Zhengzhou in Henan Province etc. Diamond stone stools we produce now can satisfy the stone industry need at home. Besides that, our diamond stone tools take important place in the international DIY stone tools market.
However, we need to learn clearly that, though we are moving fast in diamond stone tools both in expansion and capacity, we still have long way ahead of us for catching up with others in quality. Now most of China’s diamond stone tools are now on DIY market with low selling price and little margin, instable inner quality and external design makes Chinese diamond stone tools not so competitive on the international market.
But how to improve diamond stone tools quality in the following days, maybe we can find solutions from these aspects:
  1. Stimulate the development of diamond stone tools industry with informatization.
  2. Work hard on synthetic diamond powder producing technology to offer high strength diamond powder.
  3. develop super fine metal powder and focus on the core of diamond stone tools.
  4. Strengthen using of Cr-coated, Ni-coated, Ti-coated, W-coated, and Si-coated diamond powder to improve diamond bonding strength.
  5. Positively develop laser welding diamond stone tools to satisfy the need of international market.
  6. Adopting vacuum protection sintering to product high grade diamond segments.