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How to choose a right TCT circular saw blade for wood

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Update time : 2017-06-19 11:47:47
Basic parameters needed for choosing a right wood working tool-TCT circular saw blade
  1. Rotation speed of the cutting machine
  2. Material of cutting target, thickness of the cutting target
  3. Diameter and hole size of the TCT circular saw blade

Cutting speed in choosing a right wood working tool-TCT circular saw blade

Reasonable cutting speed should be within 60-90m/s, and it is calculated through the following formula:
V=πXDdiameter of circular saw bladeX N/60(revolution)
Suggestions for cutting speed:
Soft wood              60-90m/s
Hard wood              50-70m/s
Chipboard/Plywood      60-80m/s
Over speed cutting may cause big noise, machine vibration and instability of the circular saw blade and thus the instable cutting performance. On the other hand, lower speed cutting may cause low cutting efficiency. During cutting application, improve rotation speed and reduce circular saw blade diameter reasonably would be the most efficient way.