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How Much Do You Know About Fiber Oil Stone?

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Update time : 2017-07-18 12:08:53
What is Fiber Oilstone?
Fiber oilstone is made of ceramic pellet and resin and used for precise polishing of different mould.
Features of Fiber Oilstone:
  • Crystal structure makes it suitable for polishing, with more aggressive polishing speed than traditional oilstone;
  • Crossed fiber and even grit makes fiber oilstone work with high strength and grinding speed and there will be no scratch left on the mould surface.
  • Fiber oilstone gets little heat during polishing, no mould heat or fiber oilstone damage.
  • Changeable shapes
  • High hardness, good wear resistance and flexibility
  • Fiber oilstone is used on hand machines or power polishing machines. It gonna perform even better on supersonic vibrating grinders (keep an angle of 45°with the work piece)