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Functions of Diamond Grinding Wheel in Making Cutter Tools

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Update time : 2017-08-08 11:08:36
In professional CNC machinery industry, an efficient and composite cutter instead of a single functional cutter can finish a work piece with complicated design at a time, producing capacity increasing, and quality improving as well as cost lowering could all be achieved.
But how to make a professional cutter then?
After deciding material to make a cutter, design of the cutter and machine to be used, diamond grinding wheel will be another decisive factor for making a perfect cutter.
now many people would choose vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel for cutter grinding based on its unique characteristics:
  1. comparing with traditional silicon grinding wheels, diamond grinding wheel is featured with better grinding force, low grinding temperature and good wear resistance.
  2. diamond grinding wheel could be suitable for kinds of cooling liquid
  3. diamond grinding wheel will do better shape keeping and thus could do high precise grinding
  4. vitrified diamond grinding wheel is featured with better porosity, which are super good for thermal and chip releasing,
  5. vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel is also featured with good self-sharpness and easy dressing.