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Diamond Tools for Metal(cast iron) Application

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Update time : 2017-06-07 15:52:33
When synthetic single crystal diamond was produced, diamond working as industrial abrasives became true. Now diamond tools are widely used in ceramic industry, stone industry, concrete industry, oil exploration etc. Technological upgrade has been achieved in related industries since the use of diamond and diamond tools.
However, diamond is used to be known cannot be used for ferrous metal processing because of its natural characteristics. That is why resin bond cutting wheels are widely used in cast iron and other ferrous metal processing. But these resin bond abrasives wheels work in relatively lower efficiency, not good safety assurance, they seem even weaker in processing cast iron which is with high abrasiveness.

But theoretically, diamond tools could work well as metal (cast iron) working tools.

High metal removing rate is required during cast iron cutting and dressing, thus the working part of tools needs high cutting efficiency and deep feeding depth. While regarding to the tools part, high bonding strength as well as high exposure is asked by diamond.
Based on description above, vacuum brazed diamond tools as metal working tools could satisfy the cast iron working use: high bonding strength and high exposure of diamond. And different metal working tools are designed for different purpose:
  1. Vacuum brazed diamond saw blade: used for cast iron cubes, cast iron work pieces cutting and slotting
  2. Vacuum brazed diamond grinding wheel: used for burs, welding pointing, surface rust grinding and edge grinding etc.
  3. Vacuum brazing diamond grinding head: for special inner grinding and other grinding.