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CBN grinding wheel for metal proceesing

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Update time : 2017-05-16 17:17:30
Cubic Boron Nitride(CBN) is a kind of superhard material whose hardness ranks second after diamond. It shared some of good characteristics with diamond; also it owns some other characteristics which is further better than diamond like better heat resistance and chemical inertness when processing ferrous metal. Thus, CBN grinding wheel is quite suitable for the processing of high speed steel, heat resistance steel, high strength steel, high temperature alloy and other metal which is hard to process. During CBN grinding wheels with different bond, vitrified bond CBN grinding wheel is the one with best performance: aggressive speed, small grinding force, high strength, high porosity, deep feeding, and easy dressing. With the fast development of metal processing, new requirement about high processing efficiency and better surface quality of workpiece, vitrified CBN grinding wheel is becoming more and more popular on the market.
Our vitrified CBN grinding wheel is mainly used for the processing of camshaft and crankshaft of engineers. Based on years of R&D, customer using and improving, it is now a very mature product. Its aggressive speed and precision grinding make it popular used on grinding machines like Naxos, Junker, Landis etc. We get quite good response from our domestic market and plan to recommend our vitrified CBN grinding wheel to the whole world.